10 Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

free up space on your iphone

Tired of getting the storage full message ? Today I will show you 17 Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone so that you can use that new extra space for what is important to you.

In the iPhone you are stuck with the internal storage with no option to expand and so you need to be careful with your storage or it will get full very easily without you knowing about it. There are ways to free up space on your iPhone easily and get back the space that is consumed by unimportant and unnecessary things.

Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone –

1.Stop Storing Text Messages

Your iPhone stores all the texts you recive forever. This might be helpful if you want to look up texts from years back but not when you need that much needed extra space.

To stop your iPhone from storing texts forever , open Settings and go to messages. Scroll down to Message History and tap Keep Messages and change Forever to 30 days or 1 years according to your liking.

2. Stop the Photo Stream

The photos in your stream take up space and since they are probably just duplicates of the photos already on your device you most likely don’t need them.

To turn off photo stream , go to settings , Photos and Camera and turn of Upload to My Photo Stream. The photos in your stream will be deleted but they will remain on your other iDevices.

3. Delete Music Stored on you iPhone

If you use Apple Music and download your songs for offline use you should delete them to get that extra space and instead try to stream the songs every time.

To delete the stored music from Apple Music go to Settings > General > Storage > Manage Storage and find Apple Music . You can swipe to delete individual songs or you can swipe on all songs at the top to delete all the music.

4.Delete Your Safari Offline Reading List

Safari’s reading list can pile up quickly and unknowingly take up space when you save webpages.

To clear Safari’s offline reading list open Settings > general > Storage > Manage Storage > Safari . Swipe left over Offline Reading List and tap delete to clear the offline webpages.

5. Don’t Double Save Photos

If you use HDR mode or Instagram you will notice that your iPhone saves the HDR photo and the normal photo and same goes with the Instagram’s filtered photo which take up extra unnecessary space.

To stop double saving HDR photos , open Settings , go to Photos & Camera then go to the bottom and untick the toggle next to Keep Normal Photo.

To stop double saving Instagram photos , open Instagram , tap your profile and then go to settings in the right corner. In Settings untick the toggle next to Save Original Photos.

6. Clear Browser Cache

Browsers cache the webpages for faster loading and with time it can add up to even 1 GB .

To clear the cache of Safari , go to Settings and then tap Safari and go down and click Clear History and Website Data.

7.Delete downloaded or saved podcasts

If you are someone who listens to a lot of podcasts you will see that podcasts take up a huge chunk of space. You should delete the ones you have already listened and try to always stream them instead of downloading.

To delete your downloaded podcasts go to Settings > general > Storage > Manage Storage and select Podcasts and swipe the ones you want to delete.

8. Backup and delete your photos

Photos take up a lot of space and we take a lot of photos every single day . A good idea will be to backup your photos every few weeks to iCloud , Google Photos or to your Mac or PC and then delete them to free up a huge ton of space.

9. Uninstall apps you don’t need

Most apps take up a lot of space on your iPhone and most of the time you forget about the apps after a few months and its of no use to you anymore and so it is a good idea to clean your apps and remove those which you don’t use regularly to free up space on your iPhone

10. Whatsapp

Almost everyone uses Whatsapp and we are all part of a lot of active groups where a lot of people send lot of pictures every single day . By default Whatsapp saves all the photos and videos you receive on your iPhone which will eventually fill up all your space depending on how many groups you are in.

You can choose to download only those photos and videos you want to and turn off Media auto-download , to do that go to Whatsapp Settings go to Data Usage and Select No Media in all three options of Media auto-download.

These are some of the ways which you can use to free up space on your iPhone , if you have any more ways which you use to keep your device from getting full do let us know. Full storage is very irritating and frustrating and thus we need to be a bit careful regarding storage and cleanup from time to time to avoid full storage when we need that space for something important.