How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows/Mac Easily

Accidentally deleting important files hurts, I know exactly how that feels but there is a way to Recover Deleted Files in Windows/Mac very easily and won’t take too much of time and effort either.

Recover Deleted Files

Now of course if you didn’t delete your files permanently you wouldn’t be here as you can easily restore them from the recycle bin, you are here because you permanently deleted your important files that is Shift + Delete and for those who did that you have to use a third-party software to recover your files.

The third-party software that I am going to show you to Recover Deleted Files In Windows/Mac is EaseUS Data Recovery Software, so let me show you how to use it.

Recover Deleted Files In Windows/Mac-

  • First of all download EaseUs Data Recovery Software from this link.
  • Install the software on your Windows or Mac.
  • After opening EaseUS Data Recovery Software, Select the type of files you want to recover, for example – Images.

Recover Deleted Files


  • Then choose the drive from which you want to recover your deleted data and click scan.

Recover Deleted Files


  • After EaseUS Data Recovery Software scans the drive for your files, it should show up in the results.Just select the files you want to recover and click on recover.Your data will be recovered.

Recover Deleted Files


  • In case your files still don’t show up after the initial scan you can click on deep scan to make the software scan for more files.

I hope this tutorial helped you to Recover Deleted Files on your Windows or Mac.

The best way to prevent a mishap like this in future is to be extra careful while deleting stuff and also take regular backups of your important files.

In case you face any problems recovering your data feel free to ask below, and I will try to help you with the best of my ability.

  • EaseUS tool does come in handy when needed. But hopefully don’t need it at all. 😉